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Fine art nature photography: Design your projects with the artistry
of the natural world…

Whether you're looking for landscape photography, flower photography, wildlife photography or nature note cards, you'll like what you see at Pupil of the Eye. Interior and commercial designers, architects, advertisers, public relations professionals, greeting card and calendar publishers, book publishers, private collectors and anyone drawn to the natural world… you’ll find more than 2,500 of John Schoenfeld's images here.

Landscapes, flower and wildlife images from around the world…

From New England to the Midi-Atlantic and Southeast, throughout the Rocky Mountains, Canada and west to Alaska, across the seas to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Pupil of the Eye captures startling images of natural beauty produced on slow speed, high resolution film. The result is not just unparalleled reproduction quality but art that fits the requirements of both space and viewer.

Beauty, power, security, wisdom, achievement, playfulness, serenity…

Pupil of Eye offers images to fit every mood. Whether you need high-quality stock photography or custom work to fit specific applications, Pupil of the Eye offers the vision of award-winning photographer John Schoenfeld.

We invite you to explore that vision as interpreted through John’s camera. Browse the galleries— landscapes, flowers and wildlife—regularly to view the evolving portfolio.

Don't forget to visit John's Blog for photography tips, tricks and techniques. It's the the ultimate "how to" of nature photography!